Complete the quest and discover the secrets of the Algarve!


Self-Guided Excursion - Quest


Historical city centre




2-2.5 hours

How many

12-16 locations


9,90 € for each ID

For whom

From 14 to 80+ years old

The Algarve is a region of Portugal known for its beaches, climate and cuisine. But many people pass by historical and cultural treasures without noticing them. We’ve designed practival and entertaining itineraries through the different towns in the south of Portugal to get you acquainted with the most interesting facts. At each location, you solve riddles of varying difficulty and gain points. You can have fun with family, friends and colleagues, competing for time and points.

To participate in QuestAlgarve, all you need is a Telegram profile, a smartphone or tablet and internet access. Choose your language, your city, the payment method convenient to you and travel on your own with the chatbot.

We wish you good luck and have fun!

Who are we

We are an international team of copywriters and programmers, creators of urban quests.
Changes in market conditions required us to move from offline quests in closed rooms to quests in open spaces. We chose the Telegram chatbot as the easiest, most convenient and inexpensive way to discover the most interesting places in the south of Portugal


Once you have received an indefinite quest link, you can arrive at the starting point at any time. As soon as you reach the last object and answer the final question, the link is cancelled. Is your battery running low or are you tired? Return to the route later and pick up where you left off, even hours or days later.

On some routes there are paid locations. You can skip them by pressing the ‘Skip’ button. Paid locations may have schedule restrictions, e.g. museums are usually closed on weekends and public holidays.


Faro is the capital of the Algarve region, with a population of approximately 60,000 inhabitants. 30% of Faro’s territory is integrated in the Ria Formosa Nature Reserve created by a system of lagoons and integrating three islands.
As an ancient city Faro must be (re)discovered. Of pre-Roman origin Faro was one of the most important urban centres in the south of the Iberian Peninsula. A major earthquake in 1755 considerably destroyed the city which was later partially rebuilt.
The old city of Faro mirrors in its history, culture and art the legacy left by the Phoenicians, Romans, Visigoths, Moors and Christians.
Today Faro has important infrastructures and public services for the region. More than five million tourists a year pass through the airport, the University of the Algarve, located in Faro, is internationally known in the areas of marine science, tourism management and biotechnology.
These are just a few reasons to discover all the mysteries of Faro.
Welcome to Faro!